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Expect The Best From Yourself & Your French Teacher: Learn from a Native-Parisian University Professor
The Teacher

Expect the very best from your yourself and your teacher by learning from this Parisian teacher!
A native Parisian and a dynamic professor with more than 35 years at major U.S. universities, Pierre greatly enjoys teaching and turns learning into a pleasant experience.
He believes that even serious learning involves having fun.
A major component of his method involves a complete (but gentle) language immersion to the point where French words become the only way to converse.
One could say that here we don’t learn French, we learn in French. While language is key, it is only a door, a window…
Speaking a foreign language is like taking on an acting role.
How would it feel to be French for one hour or more? Are you ready to embark on your voyage?

To learn means entering “unknown territory,” a most exciting challenge paralleling our first steps on our own two feet.

On y va? Shall we go?

Most individual or group French lessons take place in St. Louis but… through Skype and/or Facetime, you can also easily benefit from Pierre’s tutoring from anywhere in the world.

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The Lessons

ENTERING another language leads to another culture, an exciting and enriching adventure.


My goal is to introduce you to France’s language and culture, and the uniqueness and splendor of the Francophone universe.


Far from the rote of conjugations and memorizations, I propose an intensive immersion, animated by the joy and PLAYFULNESS of communication, which is key to my teaching and its success.


By having CUSTOMIZED lessons, you will learn to circumvent the wall that may stand between you and learning French.


Even if you have the sense that you are “not good at languages,” difficulties can become the opportunities to do it your way.


CREATIVITY is part of being alive and knowing that now you do want to learn French is the first step!


In other words, your own interest in France and French culture will guide our lessons.


Before using words, children take years absorbing the language; immersion is key to speaking…


The core of my teaching involves the richness and complexity of LIVE interaction… while supported, in between lessons, by a mixture of French software, podcasts, and French films, radio and television.


Besides my speaking primarily French to you, these weekly extra-curricular activities will be at the heart of your immersion.


You know what you need to learn, and I will follow your path!

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The Endorsements

Maura K. – Future Graduate, University of Bordeaux Oenology Program
… Even after eight months in France, I am Skyping Pierre (in St. Louis) to continue my French lessons. He is that good! Pierre is truly a great French tutor.
R.R. St. Louis Executive
My week in Paris is still so much in my heart and head. Your guidance and teaching were so helpful and I am so grateful for our time together. I loved Paris!
Sam Charrington, Entrepreneur
Pierre is a great French tutor and coach and I can’t recommend him enough. I’ve studied French on and off for the past 10+ years and have tried several private tutors along the way. I’ve tried folks that I found on Craigslist, folks that I’ve found via flyers, and even spent the big bucks for private sessions at the Alliance Française. Pierre has been the best, by a long shot…
If you’re considering hiring a private teacher to help you take your French to the next level, do yourself a favor and reach out to Pierre. He’s great!
Dr. Laurence K. MD
Vous êtes un excellent professeur!
T.M. — Retired Executive !
It’s as though each lesson is “in France.” Magnifique!

Søren R. – Registered Nurse
After having been tutored in French, Japanese, and Spanish languages, Pierre stands out as one of the best tutors I have ever had. Through his use of media, acting, reading, and exam preparation, he is one of the most adaptable and dynamic tutors in all my experience.
Robert Fishbone, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker
… what he teaches sticks!
A.S.B. Associate Professor of French
A master teacher.
Tom Stockdale, Late Senior Minister Emeritus, The Union Avenue Christian Church, St. Louis
Whether he helps you with its beautiful language, or suggests a thoughtful tour of the Paris less known to ‘sightseers’ but cherished by natives and pilgrims, you will be well and richly served.

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